July, 2023 - December, 2023


What is effort certification?  Reasonable assurance that salary charges are accurate.

Why do we certify effort?  It is a Federal Requirement.

Whose effort is certified?  5R Monthly Employees: Faculty, Professional staff & RA's

How often is effort certified? Semi-annual certification, by award PI.

Where is effort certification done? In LoboWeb. 


On-line training is available thru Learning Central:

EOD 932*Required Effort Certification Training for Pre-reviewers(Department Administrators) and Effort Certification Training for Certifiers(PI's)
Please request: BAR role: “Department Effort Certification”

MyReports FNRECDS Effort Certification Detail and Summary Report is located in the Finance tab, F All Campus Reports folder.  This report, when run in detail, allows users to reconcile between individual pay period percentages and allocations to the total reported in the effort report. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the demise of ePrint reports FRROEC01 and FRROEC02, the FNRECDS summary report type will generate the same information previously contained in these reports.

MyReports report FNRECRT-Effort Certification Status Report is located in the Finance/F All Campus Reports folder. This report provides a list of employees in the effort queue by Status and State of the employee record and also allows departments to view any pending actions or actions taken by Organization code.

MyReports report Account Administrator List is located in the Finance/F Core Office Reports/F Contract and Grant folder. This report provides a list of Account Administrators (AA) by Organization code of who have been identified as the Reviewer for each Grant.