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Effort Certification Training - Pre-Review Stage

    • Federal requirement
    • Semi-annual certification by PI
    • Monthly employees: Faculty, Professional Staff, RA           
    • Hourly employees verified by time sheets

On-line training is available thru Learning Central:

EOD 932 – Required Effort Certification Training for Pre-reviewers (Department Administrators)
Please request: BAR role: “Department Effort Certification Reviewer”
EOD 931Optional Effort Certification Training for Certifiers (PIs)

ePrint reports FRROEC02 and FRROEC02 HSC-Contract and Grant Accounting Effort Certification are located in the fin_banp repository. These reports provide the effort distribution in dollar values which correspond to the percentages displayed on the effort certification reports. The information displayed is by Org Code, PI, and Grant and is refreshed every Friday.

MyReports report FNRECRT-Effort Certification Status Report is located in the Finance/F All Campus Reports folder. This report provides a list of employees in the effort queue by Status and State of the employee record and also allows departments to view any pending actions or actions taken by Organization code.

MyReports report Account  Administrator List is located in the Finance/F Core Office Reports/F Contract and Grant folder. This report provides a list of Account Administrators (AA) by Organization code of who have been identified as the Reviewer for each Grant.

For more information:
UNM Effort Reporting
Contract & Grant Accounting
Main Campus – 277-4721
HSC – 272-0163

January 2018 - June 2018 Deadline Memo
Effort Certification Training - Pre-Review Stage
Effort Certification Training - Certification Stage
Quick Guide for Certifier

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