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BannerDepartmentFiscal Monitor
BannerDepartmentFiscal Monitor
000ATaos Executive DirectorDanielle Gurule
000CTaos Staff DevelopmentDanielle Gurule
008Taos Instructional Support (all)Danielle Gurule
375ACULLS OILSAlana Watts
452ALos Alamos Dean of InstructionKwaku Sraha
493ACULLS Center SW ResearchAlana Watts
048CNew Mexico Heritage Project - BiologyErnesto Trujillo
017/018Taos (Other)Danielle Gurule
027AAssoc VP Student Service College EnrichmentJulie Roberts
057Center for Health Policy (all)Alana Watts
182ACenter for Emerging Energy TechnologyErnesto Trujillo
233AValencia General AdministrativeDanielle Gurule
286BCenter for Stable IsotopesDanielle Burwinkle
527Center for Student SuccessAlana Watts
986Center for Biomedical EngineeringTeresa Hammitt - Temp
028CASAA (all)Alana Watts
069BBER/ GPS / Institute of Applied Research Services (All)Ryan Perry
151AGallup BranchKwaku Sraha
343ACradle to Career Policy InstituteRyan Perry
023AMechanical EngineeringErnesto Trujillo
062CLatin American Program in EdAlana Watts
062AMulticultural Education Center MECAlana Watts
133(A&B)Earth and Planetary SciencesMark Herrell
234BUNM Childrens Campus AdministrationDanielle Gurule
303AInstitute for Professional Dev IPDAlana Watts
326AChemical & Biological EngrTeresa Hammitt - Temp
334BStudent Affairs STEM ProjectsJulie Roberts
402AKUNMAlana Watts
429Special Programs - Student AffairsJulie Roberts
457AGraduate StudiesAlana Watts
522College of Education (All)Alana Watts
583AFamily Development ProgramAlana Watts
597ALinguistics DepartmentKwaku Sraha
617ALatin American Iberian InstituteAlana Watts
687AHistoryMark Herrell
704ASpanish and PortugueseAlana Watts
734AIndividual Family Community Education IFCEAlana Watts
800AAfrican American StudiesDanielle Burwinkle
842ALanguage Literacy SocioculturalAlana Watts
842GIndian EducationAlana Watts
856AForeign Languages LiteraturesAlana Watts
866AVP Student Affairs Admin (ACC)Denise Vigil
901PhilosophyKwaku Sraha
929AEngineering Student ServicesMoe Bundrage - Temp
036AAS Departmental AdministrationDenise Vigil
191AOffice of Strategic InitiativesJulie Roberts
247AKNME-TVKwaku Sraha
252AENLACEErnesto Trujillo
271AElectrical Computer EngineeringRyan Perry
315AInformation TechnologiesKwaku Sraha
688A&CProvost Office StaffAlana Watts
396ACERESRyan Perry
694College of Fine ArtsKwaku Sraha
726AUNM Public EventsKwaku Sraha
795ADept of Teacher EducationAlana Watts
860AGeography DepartmentAlana Watts
454AStudent Financial AidDanielle Burwinkle
474AInstitute for Space Nuclear PowerTeresa Hammitt - Temp
045AAnthropologyMoe Bundrage
052ASCHOOL OF ENGINEERINGTeresa Hammitt - Temp
107AUniversity LibrariesAlana Watts
235AVice President for Equity & InclusionErnesto Trujillo
353Health Ex Sports SciPhysical EducAlana Watts
484APolitical Science DepartmentAlana Watts
682Institute for Medieval StudiesKwaku Sraha
707Physics & Astronomy (A & B)Danielle Burwinkle
707ECenter for Quantum Information & ControlDanielle Burwinkle
765Psychology (all)Ryan Perry
931Sociology and Institute for Social ResearchDanielle Burwinkle
063CEPSCoR OVPRJulie Roberts
124AHarwood FoundationAlana Watts
144ALos Alamos Branch (AGB)Kwaku Sraha
307AUNM West Administrative OperationsKwaku Sraha
463ALosAlamos Technical ProgramsKwaku Sraha
663ACenter for Advanced ResearchComputingJulie Roberts
740Center for Micro Engineering MaterialsKwaku Sraha
903ASpeech and Hearing SciencesJulie Roberts
459AMusicKwaku Sraha
515School of Architecture and Planning/ABM (All)Denise Vigil
650AComputer ScienceTeresa Hammitt - Temp
985Earth Data Analysis CenterMark Herrell
281ACenter for Water and the Environment (CWE)Danielle Gurule
456ACivil EngineeringJulie Roberts
559AInternational Studies Institute (ISI)Denise Vigil
889AChemistry DepartmentDanielle Gurule
937COffice of Contract ArchaelogyAnthony Gallegos
039ASM Mrkting Info (All)Kwaku Sraha
133CInstitute of MeteoriticsMoe Bundrage - Temp
224ASM Admin/Development Office (All)Kwaku Sraha
282ACOSMIACDenise Vigil
286AA&S Interdisciplinary ProgramsDanielle Burwinkle
327ANuclear EngineeringTeresa Hammitt - Temp
365ACenter for Interdisciplinary ResearchAlana Watts
390School of Public AdministrationDenise Vigil
394AManufacturing EngineeringMoe Bundrage
476AUC Chicano Studies ProgramAlana Watts
588School of Law Administration (All)Anthony Gallegos
595AArt and Art HistoryKwaku Sraha
286FASPIREDanielle Burwinkle
838AInstitute of Public LawAnthony Gallegos
839ACommunication and JournalismAnthony Gallegos
850AUniversity Library EndowmentsAlana Watts
869AMathematics StatisticsKwaku Sraha
937(A&B)Maxwell MuseumTeresa Hammitt - Temp
048Biology (all except 048C)Ernesto Trujillo
186Economics Department (All)Danielle Gurule
923AEnglish DepartmentDanielle Burwinkle
976Biology (All)Ernesto Trujillo
433ACenter for High Tech Materials CHTMAnthony Gallegos
439Student Services-Community Engagement CenterJulie Roberts
037AStudent Health and CounselingDenise Vigil
076ASW Hispanic Research InstituteDanielle Burwinkle
798AVP Research and Economic DevelopmentKwaku Sraha
289AVP for Equity and InclusionErnesto Trujillo
272Art MuseumKwaku Sraha
969AOfc Community Engaged Learn & ReschDenise Vigil
358AUNM Resilience InstituteJulie Roberts
652BTheatre and Dance PerformanceKwaku Sraha
360AMPP ProgramDanielle Burwinkle
989ATamarind InstituteKwaku Sraha
373AContinuing Education (all) includes 047OMoe Bundrage - Temp
386Institute of Design & InnovationKwaku Sraha
475ASr VP Finance & AdminAnthony Gallegos
902AReligious StudiesKwaku Sraha
257Museum StudiesTeresa Hammitt - Temp